Top 10 Web Design Trends (of 2017)

Responsive Web Design

This is one trend that will hugely impact your current website. A responsive web design is one that adapts or adjusts according to the user’s screen size. With the growing number of Internet users who use a variety of devices for online browsing, having a website that will look good on any device is a must.


For those who want a 3D effect on their websites, putting a parallax effect is good. This kind of design is a “scrolling technique that helps in conjuring the illusion of the depth of field to the user”. This effect combines a great mix of effects on movement, depth and 3D illusions.

Flat Design

Think Windows 8 – this kind of flat user interface is enjoying renewed popularity. This can be attributed to the clean and minimalist look that a flat design can provide. Aside from this, a flat design is relatively easier and more straightforward to use.

Clean and Minimalist

With the fast-paced lives of most people these days, there i no room for browsing a website that looks cluttered who navigation takes little figuring out. What users are after are websites that are clean and minimalist, and can be used easily.


The user of infographics has increased in popularity tremendously the past few years. A great way to utilize your infographics and make the more functional is to make them interactive. With how common touch screens are, this should not be too difficult. Extend the use of interactive infographics by transforming your whole website into a huge interactive infographic.

One Page Design

A house with several different rooms is, of course, more complex and difficult to navigate that one with just a single room. In the same line of reasoning, more websites are choosing to limit the number of pages to just one.

Top 10 iTunes Music Apps


  • Stream your live music to a friend’s iPhone or iPad over Bluetooth
  • Share your music and not your headset
  • Select a music ShareList for yo and your friend to listen to
  • Auto-play your ShareList once connected
  • Auto-scan to connect and re-connect with nearby friends
  • Remote control allows users to control song play on the remote device
  • Intercom allows for voice chat when the music is paused
  • Headset controls allow for stop, start and advance to the next song

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