Jarryd Fillmore | Top 10 iTunes Music Apps

Jarryd Fillmore | Top 10 iTunes Music Apps


  • Stream your live music to a friend’s iPhone or iPad over Bluetooth
  • Share your music and not your headset
  • Select a music ShareList for yo and your friend to listen to
  • Auto-play your ShareList once connected
  • Auto-scan to connect and re-connect with nearby friends
  • Remote control allows users to control song play on the remote device
  • Intercom allows for voice chat when the music is paused
  • Headset controls allow for stop, start and advance to the next song


  • Identify what song is playing
  • Preview and buy the track direct on iTunes, or listen no YouTube
  • Tweet Tags or post track details to Facebook
  • Send a postcard to friends who share your music tastes
  • Read track and album reviews and artist biographies
  • Personalize your Tags: take an add a photo, or map your Tags as a reminder of where you can capture the moment

I Am T-Pain

  • Unique spin on creating your own music
  • Includes dozens of T-Pains beats
  • Create your own songs by singing into the iPhone’s microphone
  • Share your masterpiece via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail
  • Some of the beats are available for free, others cost money

Tune In Radio

  • Provides access to 40,000 radio stations
  • Includes talk radio, news, music, and sports
  • You can paused and rewind each radio station
  • Record music and scream songs on Apple’s AirPlay

Anthem Music Videos

  • Creates customized music video channels for artists
  • Discover new artists and bands that are similar to the artists your already like, it’s like Pandora, but for video instead of audio

Slacker Radio

  • Unlimited free access to millions of songs from thousands of artists
  • Listen to over 120 expert-programmed genre stations
  • Create custom stations with your favourite artists and songs
  • Store your favorite stations on your phone
  • Fine tune any station for the ultimate in personalization
  • Enhanced discovery features artist bios, album reviews and lyrics

Author: Jarryd Fillmore

Jarryd Fillmore enjoys writing, recording and playing all sorts of different kinds of music on his acoustic guitar.

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