Jarryd Fillmore | Top 5 Reasons To Learn Guitar

Jarryd Fillmore | Top 5 Reasons To Learn Guitar

There are a ton of different reasons why you should pick up and learn to play guitar! I will be going through the top five regarding guitar.


From Metal to Pop, the guitar is the most used instrument in music. They come in all shapes and sizes, and carry different price points for different budgets. With hours of possibilities at your fingertips, who could go wrong with such an instrument! Once you’re comfortable enough, or decide you want to add to your playing, performing for or with others allows for all kinds of new experiences.

A Night Out

Learning a musical instrument helps with your overall musical sense, but mostly contributes to your senses of rhythm and tone. As you progress, recognizing tone and key will become easier and something as simple as karaoke will seem more enjoyable!

On The Go Therapy

One of the best outlets for stress ever discovered was music. The guitar is a particularly common instrument for this, since it is used in so many genres of music, and with just a few simple chords can make any atmosphere more pleasant. At the very least, you’ll be able tot save on a few hours with your psychiatrist, and making an appointment is as simple as walking over and picking it up.

You Can Do It

Taking up a new hobby and learning a new skill is one of the quickest, most effective confident-boosters you will find. Keeping your hands (and mind) occupied is a great preventative measure to keep the blues at bay, and you’ll even find yourself with the courage to try all kinds of new things you’ve been meaning to do for years: parasailing, sky-diving, whatever!

Mental Muscles

Learning and playing a musical instrument of any kind has been linked to keeping your brain fit and flexible. The guitar, with its focus on the non-dominant hand, couple with the creative nature of music helps to substantially increase the use of your “weaker” half of the brain. Over time, daily guitar practice builds new connections in the brain and makes pre-existing ones stronger and faster.

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Jarryd Fillmore enjoys writing, recording and playing all sorts of different kinds of music on his acoustic guitar.

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